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What we are

Virtual/Dark Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen Optimized for Delivery


The rapid rise of online delivery services is creating a new, disruptive business opportunity for food entrepreneurs wanting to grab a share of the 35 billion  dollar per year market for food deliveries.

Welcome to the world of ‘dark kitchens’ - fully-equipped commercial kitchens like you’d find attached to a restaurant, except with no restaurant or even a takeaway counter. Also known as virtual kitchens,  they are dedicated solely to meeting the ever-growing hunger for online delivery services, facilitated by the likes of third party delivery apps.

Food Trucks

Because of our roots we love Food Trucks! We want to give Food Trucks an opportunity to have their own brick and mortar without all the cost and commitment associated with opening one. It can also serve as your licensed commissary for your Food Truck. 

We help you setup your brand with all of our Delivery- only Partners. 

Help with integration of POS systems with online ordering platforms

Help with Menu and packaging development to optimize for delivery


We help existing restaurants meet the demands of off-premise dining without stressing the current locations 


Lower Operational Cost

Dramatically reduce your real estate and labor costs for higher margins per location. For delivery, all you need is a small kitchen and a handful of staff.


Lower Upfront Costs

Rather than the +$1 million upfront to build out a brick and mortar restaurant, get started in a BlackStar Kitchen™ for around $20,000 and two months deposit and any special equipment.

Expand Faster 

With Quick Permitting and kitchens ready you can launch in a few weeks

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Delicious Food Partners

Toasty Cheese

Toasty Taco

Toasty Que

Toasty Burgers and Dogs

Toasty Flats

Toasty Catering

Best Truckin BBQ

Planti Meals

The Crave Bar

Infrastructure and equipment

BlackStar kitchen centers or virtual food halls are hubs for culinary excellence. Our  location is staffed to support 24/7 production and provides everything needed to run a commercial kitchen, including dedicated dry, cold and frozen storage. A range of kitchen sizes are available and fully equipped with all necessary commercial kitchen gear, and you can add any additional equipment needed.



A dramatic shift is happening

According to industry sources, the food delivery market is expected to grow from $43 Billion in 2017 to $76 Billion by 2022. Food delivery sales are growing and gaining a greater share of the restaurant business. This growth puts more pressure on a restaurant’s existing assets and costs are high to fulfill an order.

Why Delivery-Only


The food delivery market is worth over $35 billion per year in the US, and that figure keeps growing.


  The large majority of food delivery currently takes place in traditional brick and mortar restaurants, but these locations are not traditionally set-up for delivery. Today, online delivery is a high priced luxury product with a very poor experience.


Everything about the restaurant experience is designed for walk-ins and reservations. While delivery is an increasing percentage of the business, many operators are forced to trade-off the dine-in experience with a booming delivery business. 

BlackStar Kitchens is reimagining the old model, expanding the brand and business without compromises.

  1. Lower Upfront Cost
  2. Lower Operational Cost
  3. Expand Faster

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Toasty Cheese


Toasty Taco


Toasty Que


Planti Meals


The Crave Bar


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